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At OZIconcept’s, we are always glad to know that our customers enjoy, like or even love our product and are fully satisfied with their investment. That really is such an achievement for us.

And when our customers talk about it and want other people to know about their trailer and their experience with it, then everything is gathered to tell them a huge ” THANK YOU”.

That is exactly what’s just happened. One of our happy customers posted a video on Facebook last week where she wanted to tell everyone about a day out with her trailer.

She’s called Lucie and she has been using our folding mootorbike trailer for a few months. She had already told us how glad she was to have bought this trailer a few weeks ago. This time around, she really wanted to please us and put together a nice video for everyone to watch and know about her experience. You can see her arriving in Orléans (France) at dawn after a 400 km drive  leaving Lyon (France) earlier in the middle of the night.

How? Well, with the trailer in her car boot as she was going to pick up a motorbike that she had bought earlier the same week. And of course she loaded the bike onto the trailer later on and drove back home.

Not only is she beautiful, she is also very nice and very brave. You can actually see on the video that this morning wasn’t the warmest of the year in Orléans but the low temperature didn’t stop her to do it anyway. So thanks a lot for your effort Lucie !

But at OZIconcept’s, we notice that something was very wrong on the video.

In fact, next time Lucie loads a motorbike on her trailer, she won’t need anyone to give her a hand to push the bike on. Why? because OZIconcept has just sent her a nice Christmas present. The “stepper” kit will be delivered to her over the next few days. She will then be able to load and unload her bike by herself !

So, we hope Lucie will find it useful so that she can send us more fantastic videos. But above all, we wish her a Merry Christmas…