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At OZI CONCEPT’s, we listen to what our customers and potential ones tell us. Over the last few months, we have received a lot of enquiries in order to cater bigger bikes on our trailers.

We have decided to go ahead and work on a new called HD ( Heavy Duty) version that would tick all the boxes : Heavy bikes, User friendly product when it comes to folding it up quickly, but also a more user friendly process enabling people to ride on their bikes while they are loading it. This will include some convenient side foldable steppers.

A big and beautiful bike in your garage is good on the eye. But keeping a huge trailer inĀ  this same garage in order to carry your bike is not very appealing. That very often is a sacrifice for other gear which won’t fit in it anymore. But sometimes, this trailer simply wouldn’t fit alongside the bike. Your trailer would then have to remain outside in the weather and you will see your investment aging much quicker than it should.

For the owners of these big bikes, we ticking all the boxes with the new OZI CONCEPT HD motorbike folding trailer :

– Your bike remains the hero of your garage by itself !

-Your trailers remains inside the garage and disappears in a corner with no sacrifice to the rest of your gear.

– When folded and stored vertically in your garage, your trailer is not exposed to the weather. The tires would last much longer as they won’t be eaten up by the UVs. But also, these same tires won’t take the empty load of the trailer which normally get the tires to wear off much quickly.

Also, don’t forget that your new trailer is fully made of stainless steel. Therefore, this new OZI CONCEPT HD Motorbike folding will really get you happy for a long long time !!…