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At OZIconcept, we have a range of motorcycle folding trailers and you need to start by deciding which one is best suited to transporting your motorbike and also to the loading method you want, depending on the level of comfort and safety you are looking for. What all our versions have in common is that they all fold down to the same final volume of 74cm x 65cm x 152cm, which saves you precious space at home, but also when you arrive at a holiday destination where there’s often nowhere to store your trailer.

HD+STEPPER motorcycle folding trailer

Our bestseller …. This trailer is available in 2 load capacities, either for a motorbike weighing up to 350kg (trailer without vehicle registration document), or for a motorbike weighing over 350kg (trailer with vehicle registration document). The two versions are identical in every respect as regards the operating procedure, which is simple and secure. A single person can carry out the entire process of folding, unfolding, loading, unloading, strapping and stowing. The vast majority of our customers, even for motorbikes weighing less than 200kg, choose this symotorcycle folding trailer for obvious reasons of comfort and safety.

motorcycle folding trailer

HD ECO motorcycle folding trailer

This version allows you to load motorbikes weighing up to 246 kg in theory, in the traditional way (i.e. standing next to the motorbike). However, because of the way it’s loaded, we think that this version is aimed more at people who want to load their off-road motorbikes and can quickly strap them down. This is generally a younger clientele who need less comfort when loading.

CLASSIC HD motorcycle folding trailer

This version differs from the HD ECO version in that it has a 240 mm wide rail (40 mm wider than the HD ECO version) but also a front wheel lock shoe that will enable you to hold the motorbike in position at the end of the loading phase and during strapping. Motorbikes up to 290Kg in theory, although we believe this model is more suitable for motorbikes up to 200Kg to 220Kg, provided the operator has no qualms about loading the motorbike in the traditional way.


This version is designed for users who need to load 2 off-road motorbikes with a maximum weight per motorbike of 120 kg.


This version is designed for users who need to load either 2 off-road motorbikes or a single motorbike. The total payload of this model is 231 Kg.