Folding trailers for kayaks and small boats
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Perfect for Kayaks and small boats.

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Product Description

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The KAYAK  and SMALL BOAT folding trailer is always based on the same high quality stainless steel chassis.

Its design has been optimized for easy use in loading, unloading but also for folding and unfolding it. This process will only  takes 3 minutes for a single person with no effort.

The trailer will therefore fit in the trunk of your car after your launch or in the corner of your garage at home.

Tips from the designer :

You will appreciate this user friendly and high quality trailer.

Also, customers appreciate the fact that after a launch, the trailer folds up very quickly and can be stored very easily in the trunk of most cars. This allows you to park your vehicle more easily but also to know that your trailer will be safe while you are away.



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Product Features

Specifications :

Dimensions : 380 cm x 155 cm x 70 cm
Dimensions all folded up : 70 cm x 65 cm x 145 cm
Folding and unfolding : 10 secondes
Weight : 110 Kg
Load acepted : 320 Kg
Tubular Chassis : Stainless steel
Suspension : Stainless steel
CE certification : e2*2007/46*0583*01
Manufacturing : MADE IN FRANCE

Included equipement :

AL-KO hitch : AK7 V PLUS 60x60
AL-KO Conical bearing hub : 375NF- 100x4
13'' wheel : 145/80R13TL 4P30 57x100
Mudguards : Reinforced ABS + powder coated flange
Led Lighting : Lino 1
Full lighting wiring : included
13 pin European standard plug : included
7 pin European standard adaptor : included
2 strap down cross members : Stainless steel

Additional suspension platform :

Full platform with high quality stainless steel mechanism

including its own shoick absorber ( the Best protection for your Kayak)