Official website of the manufacturer and sole distributor of OZICONCEPT trailers

At OZI Concept’s, we have developed, tuned and get the product EU certified. Our goal is to promote and sell the product in Europe and more….

The full stainless steel OZI Concept trailer has been attracting a lot of interest from the entire world.

We have been receiving enquiries from the US, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and of course from most of the countries in Europe where we have already sold to 9 different countries.

But, who could believe that we were going to sell our trailers in Asia ? Well, that has just happened !

We had been talking to an importer in Singapore for many months. The requirements from the government  were very demanding and we have learnt a lot about how difficult it was to put a vehicle on the road of this small country. Though, there are 5.5 million people living there with a straight access to Malaysia and Indonesia. We have also identified a great potential for such a solution in this region of the world.

With the help of our importer, we have finally managed to satisfy all the requirements and been able to be granted with certificate of compliance to sell in Singapore.

Production is on its way and we should be able to send the first container in a couple of weeks.

Our importer is very optimistic on the potential development and we are so enthusiastic to demonstrate that a small French based company can manufacture a high quality product and sell it in Asia.

We are currently responding to enquiries from Mexico, Brazil and Argentina and we are pushing hard to make sure that OZI Concept sells in as many countries as possible very shortly.