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At OZICONCEPT’s, the research and development of our trailers forced us into choosing the best supplier for its components. They had to match our quality philosophy. AL-KO is one the worldwide leaders for trailer components and has managed to grow along with keeping the best product quality in order to satisfy its customers. Therefore, this was the obvious choice for OZICONCEPT which constantly wants to keep the quality up.

Some components on the market are actually cheaper, but our aim was to target the best quality/price ratio and certainly not only the best price. At OZICONCEPT’s, price never is the only criteria used to make a decision although this is part of it.

We needed a hitch that had give us full satisfaction and with which the user feels safe when he plugs it on his tow bar.

We also needed wheel hub bearings that could suit our chassis. In order to do that AL-KO was open minded. They worked through the whole process with us in order to achieve a hub bearing which would fit and suit our structure rather than simply offer a “off the shelf” product. The cared about what we were trying to do…..

That is what we expect from a good supplier if we want to be able to keep up with the quality level we have been manufacturing. These components need to be reliable, durable, safe, but also suit our needs.

For all these reasons AL-KO was selected as our component supplier and we will keep improving our quality with their help.