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At OZICONCEPT’s, we pride quality. When it came to choosing the right material to manufacture our folding trailers, Stainless steel stood out as the obvious solution.

Stainless steel alongside with the laser cutting technology helps our manufacturing process to tick all the boxes including the best finish we can achieve as well as the ultimate precision which is extremely important for this folding trailer.

The kinematic of the trailer is very demanding in terms of precision mechanical components. Stainless steel machined rings are welded onto the side folding arms and are fitted with some precision 12.9 threaded shafts and lock nuts. It is very important that you never put together both these components in stainless steel as they would bind up rapidly. That would be equivalent to weld the two components together. This is the reason why we are mixing Stainless steel with 12.9 threaded shafts.

The suspension is fully integrated into the folding arms and makes it protected from dirt, dust but also any other outside chemical aggression.

All our stainless steel components are all passivated in a bath after the automated welding process. That will give stainless steel a nice and uniform mat effect and will protect it from oxidation.

Stainless steel may show up yellowish stains in time due to external chemicals. That normally never affects the quality and durability of this material.

Using stainless steel to manufacture our trailers will enable you to keep it in an outstanding condition for a long time and will look and behave the same for as long as you use it.

We are always happy to provide our customers with technical information as we are passionate manufacturers. So, feel free to contact us.