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On holidays with my motorbike and my OZIconcept motorbike folding trailer

At OZIconcept, we want to make you happy. What about preparing your family holidays and taking your motorbike with you.

We have developed and produced a fully stainless steel  Folding Motrobike Trailer for you.

Why a Folding Trailer? Well, not many people can afford the space and inconvenience of keeping a standard trailer at home. Moreover, When you intend to leave home with a motorbike on a trailer you always have to make sure that you will be able to store at the other end. This is not easy at all to tick this box either. So  you give up on the idea altogether . What a shame !…

Our folding trailer folds up in seconds and disappears in and entry hall of an apartment,  in a car of camper van trunk. So, it really can be stored almost anywhere you go very quickly…..

Enjoy your holidays with OZIconcept.