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At OZI Concept, we like to talk about how we design and engineer our products……

A very important point of interest of our folding trailer is our unique suspension system.

This actually allows the whole chassis to limit mechanical constraints and keep the wheel suspension independence.

The folding chassis mechanism triggers a permanent constraint on the two double arms that are used as axles on the trailer. Therefore, these two double arms always want to go backwards and fold up when driving.

Obviously, you don’t want this to happen ! Therefore, we have designed a couple of arms which are attached with rod end bearings at both ends of the draw bar as well as the to back of the double axles arms. These two arms are fitted with suspension springs that allow them to extend and cope with the load and keep the chassis flexible enough to absorb it smoothly.

This feature enables the trailer to be extremely stable on the road.

Please feel free to contact us should you need to find out a bit about this feature.

The OZI Concept team…