Folding trailer for light motorbikes
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Perfect for motorbikes and scooters (< 300kg).

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The stainless steel folding motorbike trailer is the only one in the world which folds and unfolds in seconds with no effort. It can be moved around in its folded shape to go through narrow doors and then put it back to its upward position to use only 700mm x 600mm floor area and 1500mm in height. You can store it anywhere including the boot of almost any car. You forget about it until the next time you need it !
The loading process is made easier by the choice for you to partially fold the chassis while loading, depending on the type of bike you want to load.

It comes in single and double track versions

One trailer, many uses for it!

You are struggling with storage space and have given up on your favorite hobby, moto cross, Enduro, trial… because you can’t store a normal trailer! The motorbike folding trailer will give you the opportunity to get back to your passion whether you live in an apartment or elsewhere with only little storage space.


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