Folding trailer for heavy duty bikes
HD version

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Perfect for motorbikes up to 500 Kg.

Delivery within 2 to 3 weeks, limited stock.

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Product Description

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The  OZIconcept HD version

The new stainless steel folding motorbike trailer HD version is the only one in the world which folds and unfolds in seconds with no effort and that can take a 500 Kg bike. It work in the exact same way as what the LT version does and the châssis has simply be redesigned in order to cater heavier bikes

The HD version is recommended  fully fitted with its “stepper” accessory that helps a safe and easy loading process.

You want to take your heavy motorbike anywhere for road trips miles away from home or on a race track with peace of mind when you get on site and huge room saving at home when you get back…. We have created the solution for you and we call it the OZIconcept HD version.

Product Features

Specifications :

Dimensions : 265cm x 160 cm x 70 cm
Dimensions all folded up : 70 cm x 65 cm x 155 cm
Folding and unfolding : 10 secondes
Weight : 115 Kg
Load acepted : 500 Kg
Loading high : 38 cm
Tubular Chassis : Stainless steel
Suspension : Stainless steel
CE certification : e2*2007/46*0583*00
Manufacturing : Fabriqué en France

Included equipement :

Track : Galvanized
Ramp : Galvanized
Full front wheel locking device : Stainless steel
AL-KO hitch : AK7 V PLUS 50x50
AL-KO Conical bearing hub : NF250
13' wheel : 145R80x13 4x100
Mudguards : Galvanized and powder coated
Led Lighting : Lino 1
Full lighting wiring : included
13 pin European standard plug : included
7 pin European standard adaptor : included
2 strap down cross members : Stainless steel

Double track kit for 2 light bikes :

Track: Galvanized and powder coated
Ramps: Galvanized and powder coated
Full front wheel locking device: Stainless steel
4 strap down cross members: Stainless steel
(Fitting 3 minutes)
Weight: 35 Kg